Thursday, January 19, 2012

being's a good thing

These 4 girls are an inspiration!  3 out of 4 of them have some sort of anxiety disorder.  My daughter is in the red and the rest of these cuties are her best friends.  My Sadie struggles with generalized anxiety and physical tremors.  The other 2 struggle with similar anxiety issues.  These 4 friends rally together to support whoever it is (that day) who is having 'issues'.  I've never seen girls, at this age, so genuinly care for one another.  There's no drama...only care and understanding.  Even the one who does not struggle with any anxiety is always there to hold a hand or walk her friend to the counseling center when needed.

These girls have become pretty famous in their High School Counseling Center.  The school psychologist has told me a few times how incredible it is, for kids at this age, to support one another so intensly.  These girls have single handedly created an area in the counseling center where all kids with anxiety, depression and social disorders can go to breathe calmly and relax.  As a parent, I am inspired by the efforts these girls have made in behalf of all their classmates who may struggle with one nervous issue or another.

These girls are on a pretty fast track, right now, to getting their anxiety under control.  One is meeting with a neurologist, another is working intensely with her family and my Sadie has seen a doctor and is now teaching herself to 'self talk' herself into feeling better.  They are all very happy girls and will not let these crazy disorders take them down or each other down!  Sometimes just BEING SILLY helps us to get through :]

"Drag your thoughts away from your the ears, by the heals, or any other way you can manage it."     -Mark Twain

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