Friday, December 2, 2011

more than just a paper chain :]

I wanted to make an advent calendar for my preschoolers.  In checking out all the different kinds I could make...I finally ended up just going with the simple paper chain idea.  I thought it was the simplest concept, but kind of boring.  So, I added a little something to it.
I typed up a list of 25 little projects the kids could do everyday.  I cut those ideas into strips and glued them onto each link of the chain.  The activities are simple and most don't cost any money (if they do - it's not more than $1).  Each activity is something that involves a family member or stimulates the senses.  Some examples: "Eat some peppermint ice cream smothered with chocolate sauce" or "Watch a christmas movie, in your p.j.'s with your brother or sister" or "Bundle up, go outside and look at some christmas lights."  They are all things 3 and 4 year olds can do with just a little help or even by themselves.  The fun part is the family can be involved.  There's even a link that tells the children to hug their mom, and one that tells them to mail their grandma a christmas picture.  I also made sure there were a couple of 'service' activities, like...take your neighbor a christmas treat.  Anyway, it seemed to me like it might be a simple but active way to enjoy the advent calendar tradition.

Christmas is so much fun to celebrate.  I hope you will find some new and exciting ways to celebrate your holiday season!

Happy, Happy Holiday!
Miss Lisa :]

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