Monday, June 27, 2011

my purple cow!

I know this isn't a new idea by any means, but I think every home school, preschool, church or play group leader should have one of these....a PURPLE COW laminator!
I absolutely LOVE mine and use it for probably more than I really need to :]  I actually purchased this fantastic machine for a church activity I was helping with.  The activity was canceled and I thought "Oh great, now I'm stuck with a laminator."  But I soon found it to be a favorite possession of mine!  A definate favorite in my pile of preschool classroom supplies :]

I have come up with several things to are just a few...
calendar numbers for circle time (also color cards, shapes and weather chart pieces too!)
several different game cards and pieces :]
tags for folders and books
cubby name markers
It's just so nice to have somethings that are a little less destructable!

I have noticed, on some of my favorite blogs, that several teachers/mom's have created list's of favorite I am sharing some (more) of mine.
for spur of the moment art creations!  and I just love them :]
posters, charts and bulletin board favorite!
my favorite for little hands and counter tops after a fantastic science experiment :]
fisker craft scissors - much more fun (sometimes) than regular scissors!
sticky foam shapes - creative opportunities galore!
Nothing new, I know.  However, I hope my ideas and likes will inspire you :]

Happy Day!
Miss Lisa :]

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