Monday, June 13, 2011

a happy surprise!

Is this the cutest and happiest little girl you've ever seen???  Well, today anyway?
So many times, when I am searching for some inspiration, I come upon something I didn't really set out to find.  This photo is a great example.  In reading up on healthy habits, I found this cute little photo and was instantly filled with happiness!  Not only does it exemplify a childs sense of freedom and joy, but, it also screems HAPPY SUMMER to me.  And I love summer!  My mind set instantly changed from healthy habits to "Oh My Gosh...I've got to go outside and play...RIGHT NOW!"  I guess that's a healthy mission accomplished :]

If I could preach anything, it would be to think like a child.  Eye's always open, heart always receiving and new adventures always on the horizon.  Children thrill me with their un-known sense of humor and wonder.  I love it when a child asks a question that has an obvious answer but is totally awe-struck when the answer is revealed!  I wish we all had that within us still.  That sense to investigate the obvious and be overwhelmed with the outcome.  I think, like this beautiful little girl, we should smile and be greatful for the little things.  It's not always easy, but maybe just going outside, picking a flower and looking into the big blue sky will help us to be much happier?!?

happy wishes....
Miss Lisa :]

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  1. Very sweet pic! It does make you smile.

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