Wednesday, August 3, 2011

thunderstorm anxiety...

August in Utah tends to be a little stormy.  I absolutly LOVE thunderstorms!  However, not a whole lot of children's just super scary!  Sometimes there's just no convincing a child that everything is going to be ok during a loud thunderstorm. I've had several chances to be with children during some pretty big storms...and there is NO one explanation that works for every child.  However, I have found some great books that might help children understand and actually appreciate why we have to have these enormous storms.

I love science books, they answer so many of our wonders!  These two books: Flash, Crash, Rumble and Roll and Tornado Alert come from the "Let's Read and Find Out Science Series."
Both books are written by Franklyn M. Branley.  These books provide great explanations about what a storm is and why it's so loud and what creates a crazy tornado!  Great books for both explanation and answers to questions :]

This beautiful picture book has very little text.  What makes it so special is the artwork!  Each oil painting shows clouds at different times of the day and in different seasons.  A very relaxing book to browse through when the clouds outside seem a bit frightning.  Fantastic book for children who struggle with retention...great for visual learning!
Composed by Thomas Locker

I love this book and have featured it in my own book club and play groups a few times.  It is written by Tim Lichtenheld.  This book will take you through many adventures with a very small cloud.  The story will help children to understand why we need a little rain from time to time.  To find activities to go along with this book visit my little book club page!

Not all books come with pages and hard bound covers!  Some are found right here on the internet!  Keith E. Rennison has a great audio series called "Zooch the Pooch" and one story in the series is called Thunderstorms & Shrunks.  It's a cute adventure story about a dog who meets a skunk and then finds that his house is floating away in all the water from a storm...but not to worry, his Dad saves him!  He has many other adventures with ZOOCH that are downloadable and fun!

I really hope you have an opportunity to share these books with your children, especially if they have worries about the weather.  Although these books may not take away the anxiety of storms, hopefully they will answer questions about why they happen :]

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